Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Experience during Intramurals 2006

Last year, on November 27-29, the University of the Philippines held an activity which the students liked most. Each year level must specify a game to join and each event may consist of three to six players except for the major events. There are three major events of the Intramurals. These are the Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball. But before the Intramurals of the high school, the college also did their Intramurals on the University of the Philippines High School. They perform Mr. and Mrs. Intramurals, cheer dancing and other performances. They are consisting of divisions. These are the Social Science Division, Political Science Division and other divisions which had a high impact on sports. This year the over-all champion of the Intramurals is the Social Science Division. While on the high school level is the fourth year level. During the Intramurals, I joined two major events and one minor event. These are Basketball, Volleyball and Dama. In the Volleyball event, we are on the fourth place. On the Basketball event, we are on the fourth place again and on the Dama event, we are on the third place. In the Dama event, the players should only consist of two to three players while on the basketball and volleyball, the players should only consist of five to six players only. During the start of every game of each event, I felt very nervous that we could not won against other year levels but we did not lose hope because it is just a game of friendship and sportsmanship. Even if you lose or you won, it is just okay because playing is just for fun and no hard feelings for that if you lose the game. If you lose the game, it is not the end of the world; it is just the beginning of the new challenge waiting for you in the future. During the closing program of the Intramurals, we have performed pop dance, doble Kara and singing performance. On the Doble Kara, my classmate got the first place and he got a gold medal. On the singing contest, we won the second place and the silver medal and on the pop dance, we got the third place and the bronze medal. And the over-all ranking we got on the intramurals was only fourth place and a bronze trophy. This time I felt the happiness and frustrating feeling of being a player of any event of sports. When the Intramurals has ended I felt the feeling of proud ness and success because I brought something beneficial and useful to I-Bartlett and all the first years, this something I brought was honor to all first years and all year levels. Even the first years got the last place on the over-all ranking of the tally of scores, we have just bring honor to all Upians because we expressed the one of the best deed of all character traits, the being of sportsmanship.
I hope the next Intramurals would have been the same as this year and it would be happier and merrier than what it should be. And it will have more participants than last year.

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